X-GAMES 2012

— Art Direction, Design, Animation, Compositing


Why do the athletes of the X-Games do what they do? To our minds, its is because they’re defeating toxic waste monsters, enraged doughnuts and even the mythical Kraken. I Art Directed, Designed, Illustrated, Animated and Composited these two spots with a spectacular team at Buck NY. Extreme!




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Production Company: Buck Design
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Associate Creative Director: Thomas Schmidt
Art Director: Jonathon Gorman
Design: Fede Reano, Jonathon Gorman, Saimon Chow, Ben Langsfield, Gareth O’Brien, Chris Phillips.
3D: Ryan O’Phelan, Dave Soto, Anton Tokar, Trentity Miles, Adam Pearlman, Jonathon Gorman
Animation: Fede Reano, Lizzie Akana, Peter Ahern, Ben Conkin, Alan Foreman, Harry Teitelman
Compositor: Jason Tsang, Daniel Oeffinger, Seth Ricart, Jonathon Gorman, Fede Reano
Editor: Timothy Smith
Roto: Filaments
Editor: Sam Goetz
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Producer: Melissa Johnson