—Design, Animation, Compositing


I stepped in to help Design and Animate this project out of Buck NY, working with Yker Moreno, Gareth O’Brien, Pete McDonald and Conrad Otswald. Plenty of Roto, Cel Animation and good old fashioned Motion Graphics.




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Gareth O’Brien

Pete McDonald

Yker Moreno

Conrad Otswald

Emmett Dzieza



Production Company: Buck Design
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Art Director: Yker Moreno
Animation Director: Gareth OʼBrien
Animator: Gareth O’Brien, Jon Gorman, Conrad Ostwald, Pete McDonald, Emmet Dzieza
Animation Intern: Rob Wienk
Roto: David Marte, Will Frazier, Carlos Rosario, Chris Riemann
Editor: Sam Goetz
Head of Production: Kate Treacy
Producer: Erica Hirshfeld
Production Coordinator: Kevin Hall


Client: Pepsi-Cola Company
Executive Producer: Barry Rosen
Director: Marisol Tamaro
Senior Manager: Brett O’Brien
Manager: Lisa Grey


Music/Sound Design Company: Cypher Audio
Music/Sound Design: John Black