— Art Direction, Design, Animation, Modeling, Compositing

For the Sundance FIlm Festival 2010, Buck was asked to create four animated bumpers to be shown before each film. This was my contribution: a retrospective nest of imagery (and glue and paint) dating back to the very first festival. All four were exceptionally well received.





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Sarah Bocket

Matt LaVoy


Director: Buck
Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Producers: Eric Badros, Alex Thiesen
Lead Creative: Jon Gorman
3D: Jon Gorman, Sarah Bocket, Markus Gustafsson
CG Supervisor: Morris May
Compositors: Jon Gorman, Matt LaVoy, Markus Gustafsson
Editor: Aristides Zamora
Original Music: John Forte